Chinese Hospital offers a broad range of volunteer opportunities for students considering a career in health care, as well as individuals and community members wishing to offer their time and skills. Opportunities are available in many hospital departments involved with patient care, administrative services, and hospitality.

Minimum Eligibility

In order to volunteer with us, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age 16 years or older
  2. If under 18 years old, submit the parental consent form
  3. Commit at least 3 months, 4 hours per week; or 50 hours per 3 month period.
  4. Submit the following health screening records:
    1. Negative tuberculosis skin test (PPD) or chest x-ray, completed in the last 6 months
    2. Immunity to Rubella and Rubeola (measles) and Mumps (MMR)
  5. Pass the criminal background check

Department Descriptions


The Cardiopulmonary Unit (CPU) performs a variety of tests, such as arterial blood gases, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, echocardiograms, stress testing, pulmonary function tests, etc. to help physicians diagnose cardiac, neurological, and pulmonary problems.

  • Preferred Skills: Filing/Data Collection; Professionalism/Customer Service; Basic computer skills; Bilingual
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: One 3-4 hour shift/week
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Clerical tasks, filing; Assist with EKG tests
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm


In order to improve health care access to the residents outside of Chinatown and San Francisco, Chinese Hospital's Community Clinics provide primary care, as well as preventive care, health education, laboratory services, and subspecialty services to communities in and surrounding Sunset, Excelsior, and Daly City neighborhoods.

  • Preferred Skills: Filing/Data Collection; Professionalism/Customer Service; Basic computer skills; Bilingual, Research
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: One 3-4 hour shift/week
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks:Clerical tasks; Filing; Patient Surveys; Data Collection
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm


The Education Department is responsible for evaluating and meeting the educational and training needs of the hospital and its departments to ensure consistent delivery of the highest quality of patient care and customer service. The department engages in a wide range of activities including research; educational needs assessments; design, implementation and evaluation of educational programs; data analysis and presentation; and direct patient and staff education.

  • Preferred skills: Graphic Design; Data entry and management; Statistical analysis; Microsoft Excel/Access/Publisher/PowerPoint; Research; Writing; Bilingual (especially reading, and writing)
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: One to two shifts/week, 2-4 hours per day, or longer
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Design and prepare educational materials and poster presentations; Maintain and update databases; Data analysis; Research & Literature Review; Writing; Clerical tasks
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm


The department of Fund Development manages the Chinese Hospital Foundation, which provides philanthropic support to Chinese Hospital to meet the present and future equipment, facilities and program needs to deliver quality and cost effective health care to the Chinese community.

  • Preferred Skills: Organized; Committed to Chinese Hospital mission; Bilingual; Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint; Filing/Data Collection; Writing; Research; Graphic Design
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: Depends on project
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Provides administrative support to Office of Fund Development, promote and coordinate special events, mailing processing such as event invites and newsletters, other duties as may be assigned
  • Schedule: Wednesday to Thursday 9am-12pm


The Human Resources Department performs a variety of tasks such as New Employee Orientation, Hiring of Employees, Employee Recognition Programs, and administrative paperwork. We are seeking interns who might be interested in exploring future careers within the Business Administration field.

  • Preferred Skills: Filing/Data Collection; Professionalism/Customer Service; Basic computer skills
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: One or Two 3-4 hour shift/week
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Clerical tasks, filing; Assist with learning about HR operations.
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-4pm


This department develops, implements, monitors and evaluates methods to reduce the potential for transmission of infection to patients, employees, physicians and visitors through a system of surveillance activities, and the development and implementation of corrective actions to reduce the risk of transmission of infection.guidelines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the hospital. It also evaluates and manages known or suspected transmission of communicable disease between staff and patients, as well as conducts pre-employment and annual assessments of health status and physical capability for all employees, including vaccination status and tuberculosis surveillance. For Community Health Outreach, the department liaises with community partners to promote community health through education and outreach activities.

  • Preferred skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills; Good Computer Skills, Ability to work independently and efficiently; Willing to learn and assist in multiple areas.
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: At least one shift/week, 3-4 hours per day, or longer
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks:Reviewing charts and/or lab results (cultures, X-rays); Filing; Assembling documents; Collecting, reviewing and organizing data for various community health projects; Rounding on floors and Observing procedures.
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm


The Clinical Laboratory Department provides comprehensive testing and services, including: Bacteriology, Hematology, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Serology and Blood Banking.

  • Preferred Skills: Filing; Basic computer skills; Customer Service
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: None
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Clerical tasks, filing; Assist with technical non-biohazard duties; Greet patients
  • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-1pm


Medical Staff Services assists with the coordination and processing of credentialing of initial appointments and reappointments to Chinese Hospital Medical Staff as well as temporary privileges for non-Medical Staff members providing patient care on a need basis; works with Medical Staff leadership to ensure follow-through on changes in hospital policies and/or committee and departmental actions; assists with development of continuing medical education (CME) programs for the Medical Staff, and communicates membership and clinical privileging information of Medical Staff to hospital departments and external entities.

Performance Improvement allows for an organization-wide, planned, systematic approach to planning, designing, measuring, assessing and improving performance in every aspect of patient care, from the time a patient enters Chinese Hospital through diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and discharge. As patient care is a coordinated and collaborative effort, the approach to improving performance involves multiple departments and disciplines in establishing the plans, processes and mechanisms that comprise performance improvement activities.

Risk Management is an organized program involving loss prevention and control, intended to support the provision of a safe, healthful, and desirable environment for patients, including the appropriate communication to hospital employees and medical staff to that end.

  • Preferred Skills: Attention to detail; Organized; Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint; Filing/Data Collection; Written and Oral Proficiency in English
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: None
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Clerical tasks, including filing, typing, mailing, photocopying; Data Entry, Graphing and Analysis; Assist with credentialing; Assist with performance improvement projects.
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm


The Nursing Department assists patients to meet their physical, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual needs, and provides members of the community with the highest achievable level of care taking into account the changing needs of the hospital, the patient and the community.

There are four Nursing units in which volunteers are accepted, described below:

1) The Same Day Surgery unit provides pre and post-procedure nursing care to patients receiving same day invasive radiology, surgery and endoscopic services, and includes the Endoscopy suite, a diagnostic and therapeutic unit for inpatients and outpatients, ages 13 and older, designed to provide nursing care, equipment and supplies necessary for the safe and effective provision of gastrointestinal endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

2) The Outpatient Medical Therapy Center provides a dedicated resource to delivery of quality care to patients needing short-term medical therapy and education services, including: Chemotherapy, Hydration/IV Fluids, Immunizations, Infusion of Blood/Blood Products, Medication Infusions, Medication Injections, Pain Management, Simple Biopsies, and Travel Vaccines.

  • Preferred Skills: Customer Service; Bilingual; Filing/Data Collection
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: None
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Clerical work including preparing and stamping charts and answering phones; Visiting and talking with patients.
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 10am-2pm or 2pm-4pm


The Pharmacy Department services include dispensing of pharmaceuticals in accordance with Federal and State of California regulations, appropriate inventory maintenance functions, drug monitoring, patient drug assessment functions, appropriate record keeping, drug information, education services and performance improvement functions.

  • Preferred Skills: Bilingual, Microsoft Word, Excel Proficient
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: One 4 hour shift
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Filing, Assisting with inventory, Bagging finished prescriptions, Calling patients to pick up medications, Retrieving refill messages, Returning over-supplies, Checking expired medications and other clerical jobs
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm


The Radiology/Imaging Services Department offers diagnostic imaging testing for patients of all ages, in all stages and variations of health and disease. These tests allow physicians to make comprehensive evaluations, as well as diagnose, plan, and monitor treatments. Diagnostic imaging services available include: x-rays and fluoroscopy, 64-slice CT, computed tomography, digital mammography, ultrasound, DEXA bone densitometry, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology. Although you may have an interest in a specific modality within Radiology, all volunteers should be prepared to rotate through different modalities, as assigned by the department manager or supervisor.

  • Preferred Skills: Diagnostic Imaging Program applicants ONLY; Bilingual, Excellent Communication and Customer Service
  • Minimum Time/Shift Requirement: Complete all 40 pre-requisite hours for Diagnostic Imaging Program
  • Volunteer Responsibilities and Tasks: Liaising with hospital staff and patients, including: Helping to identify patients per hospital guidelines; Giving patients changing instructions; Assisting technicians in the radiology department and exam rooms.
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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