Visiting Information

Visiting Information

Visiting Hours

  • For Medical Surgical Units - 11:00am to 8:00pm
  • For the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - Visiting privileges are generally limited to adult members of the immediate family only. During regular hospital visiting hours, no more than two visitors may be at the bedside for 10 minutes at a time out of every hour from 11:00am to 8:00pm

Visiting Policy

Visitors are welcome at Chinese Hospital. However, our primary objective is to maintain a controlled environment for your speedy recuperation, which requires adequate rest. Good nursing care requires that no visitors be allowed in the room at the time of treatment or nursing care. Please help us enforce the following visitor regulations your physician has approved for your benefit:

  • Please keep visits brief.
  • Visitors should use the main entrance of the hospital to enter and exit.
  • Visitors and patients should speak quietly and be considerate of other patients.
  • Visitors with colds, flu or other contagious diseases are asked not to visit patients.
  • Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing food or gifts to the patient’s room. Patients may be on special diets and certain foods are restricted.
  • Visitors should not visit other patients in the unit, touch equipment within the patient’s room or change the position of the patient or his or her bed without consulting the nurse.
  • Visitors may be asked to step out of the room or unit to maintain patient privacy during procedure and/or patient care

For your visitors’ convenience, public telephones are available in designated areas.

Patient Inquiries

Chinese Hospital asks that you designate one family member as the spokesperson who will communicate and update the rest of the family. This will enable the nurse to spend more time caring for your family member.